Who is Noval Agung?

Noval Agung Prayogo
3 min readMar 27, 2024


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Last updated: March 27, 2024

You folks are highly likely do not to know me, but there is a small chance that some of you might found my name from one of the following places (and magically arrived on this post, lol).

  • from my free programming ebooks (Dasar Pemrograman Golang / Python / Rust)
  • from my browser extension app, the Muslim Board
  • from one of my iOS apps (Doa & Dzikir app, Kalender Puasa, or Radio Islam)
  • from StackOverflow, GitHub PRs/projects, or other software engineering sites
  • from my Udemy Course (Dasar Docker & Kubernetes)
  • from my Medium articles
  • from my LinkedIn profile, or other social media
  • from one of my employer
  • or, you just didn’t know me at all, but were curious to know more

So, yep, I am the same person who did that stuff, the same Noval Agung.

I’m a software engineering guy who loves to create practical useful products (outside of my full-time job), and it can be in any form, it could be a book, articles, mobile apps, open source library, (paid) course, or other.

I’m currently serving as CTO of a healthcare company located in Silicon Valley. I help my team to build a platform for remote patient monitoring and chronic condition management. Our goal is to facilitate the medical experts to treat and save people who need help (like, literally saving them). It’s cool product!

Before that, I worked at a Singaporean-based software consultant company (doing some big data and magic for big-name clients). Prior to that, I worked at one of the best accounting software firms in Indonesia.

I’m happily married to my beautiful intelligent wife, and have one wonderful son who is so addicted to Minecraft, lol (can’t blame him because I too love playing games).

My day-to-day activity is pretty much doing my full-time work (and I love my job), college stuff (yep, I’m a university student now, my wife forced me to do it, lol), doing my responsibility as a husband and also a parent, helping my wife taking care of my elderly parents (including my 104-years old grandpa), and spending free time with my family or on any random things within the open source community.

As I already mentioned in the early section of this post, I have published quite amount of free stuff on the internet. All of it is widely used by many people to the extent I receive almost 2 million network requests every month. And I’m not even counting the offline ebook distribution, offline apps, and other types of non-network-related metrics.

I have a habit of publishing my products under my domain (novalagung.com)

Some of my products might have outdated content or issues, and honestly, I want all of you to know that I’m working hard to fix it, despite the tight schedule that I have.

There will be a time later when I can put more effort into maintaining the stuff I made or even making something new! Who knows? However, as of now, the progress will be quite slow because, in terms of priority, I always put them behind my family, my full-time job, and my mental health, and I’m sorry for that.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who is involved in my open-source projects, you folks rock! 🚀 Your contributions are being used by millions of people, so take pride in that!

Honestly, I feel like this post is the most cringy content I ever created, but nevermind, thanks for visiting!

Bonus image: a picture of my boy in full armor ready to battle Enderman and Pillager, and also him during his gadget/gaming time. I got a massive headache due to his 2nd favorite game being Oxygen Not Included. He is too young to play that, like, imagine having me explain some physics and chemistry stuff to a kid!