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In the upcoming v1.17 release, we will get one interesting feature in Go programming language, it’s the introduction of Generics API.

Generic is currently under heavy development by the Go teams. Several progresses have been merged into their Github master branch.

In case you are not too patient to wait for the release, you can actually try it now by using the development version of Go, compiled from the current development branch, master.

To do it, we have to build the binary from the source, and in this post I’ll guide you.


Not much, just ensure you have a computer…

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In this IoT era, crafting software that able to communicate with hardware is not as hard as it used to be. Especially with many development updates on wireless technology.

One of the most famous wireless technology that used a lot on daily basis is Bluetooth.

By using Bluetooth we will be able to share data across devices, connect to headphones, read data from our smartwatch, or even remotely control air conditioner, tv, smart lamp, etc.

It’s a witchcraft!

Around 2011, the newest version of Bluetooth technology is introduced, it’s called Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Low Energy.

BLE or Bluetooth Low…

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NATS as API Gateway

NATS is indeed a secure, simple, and scalable technology for our microservices platform.

Microservices itself is a huge topic. Talking about NATS implementation on this architectural style can be very broad, so let’s move on to a more detailed case, such as API gateway using NATS.

The idea of this approach is for every incoming request to the API gateway will be directed to destination service via synchronous call of nats.Conn.Request() method. The return value will be used as the response of the particular API call.

We are going to use the request-reply feature of NATS, because of that the…

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Have you ever face a situation where an error is occurred on your code, but not quite sure on which file it is exactly happening? Then me too 😁

Yet another oracle guide, probably useful for anyone who requires an instance of Oracle XE DB to be installed locally, for development purpose maybe? or for people who are searching for a guide of how to connect to Oracle DB using programming languages, like Go.

Have a look!

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In this post, I’m going to share one of my experiences during my work with SOAP-WSDL technology in Go programming language.

SOAP? WSDL? What are those? This is the first time I know about that.

For people who start programming since around 2003, I bet they will be quite familiar with SOAP and WSDL terms.

SOAP, or the Simple Object Access Protocol is a protocol used in computing. Web services use this protocol to communicate. SOAP uses XML to encode a message ~ Wikipedia.

SOAP is a protocol, it uses HTTP (or RPC) on the application layer for transport and…

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